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We have a simple Allegra here, she know's what she wants and doesn't need to try but still woos our attention. She appeals with a soft approach and dares to challenge any occasion as she fits so versatile. A sophisticated Allegra know's how to make you look chic and trendy at the same time. Her cousins feature in different colors that are all unique but still poses the spirit of Allegra. A wonderful piece of art ready to flatter her owners looks furthermore.

A sharp sophistication with her own mind, Allegra is for the smart independent woman


  • Allegra's exterior is simple and knows her own beauty
  • Allegra's lining material is Grade A polyester that's blended with a series of natural fibers. 
  • Allegra's main material consists of fine PU leather, that's well known for its waterproof qualities, so even if your in the rain, Allegra will be preserved for a long life span, unlike a lot of other lower quality bags out there
  • Allegra's high end exterior emphasizes her simple decorative image that gets people throwing compliments because of her warm presence that attracts positive energy from others, male and female. Allegra is an eccentric beauty
  • You will notice she is well built as you touch her, alluring she is
  • She has a hasp closure type, very easy to use. Substitutes complexity for simplicity 
  • She is a casual tote bag to be carried with class
  • Her interior has lots of room for your personal valuables.
  • Allegra is warm, soft and soothing when you feel her
  • Suitable for any occasion with her versatile edge, a must have for you
  • Flawless handbag for the perfect girl 

Size: 33*28*19 cm/17 inch



- Beware not to scratch or rub your product against abrasives surfaces.

- Keep your product away from damp or humid environments and avoid direct exposure to sunlight, keep your product away from any direct source of heat (radiators, car interiors overheated by the sun, etc).

- Avoid prolonged contact with any materials that may transfer their colour pigments onto the patent leather, especially for light-coloured products

- Our products, and especially products in electric colours, have to be kept away from contact with grease, hand cream, hand sanitizer, make-up and perfume.

- If the leather gets dirty, or in instance of superficial stains on the lining, we recommend that you gently wipe with a soft and light-coloured cloth. Never use soap or solvent.

- In order to protect your product when you are not using it, store it in the protective pouch provided.

Taking proper care of your Brumont product will allow you to fully appreciate its beauty for many years.